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12 Oct 2009: Pole dancing entrepreneur in running for award

34-year-old woman who is trying to get her own studio in Aberdeen is shortlisted for Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year award at the Grampian Awards for Business Enterprise.

Scottish Parliament:

Criminal Justice and Licensing Bill:

The deadline for Stage 1 has been extended to 27 Nov 2009 from 30 Oct 2009.

Evidence was submitted in three separate meetings this year regarding the Section 34: Extreme Pornography

26 May 2009:
Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland
-Clarification is needed over the definition of “extreme pronography”
-Anticipates “challenges” over the monitoring and policing of such legislation

Scottish Crime & Drug Enforcement Agency
-”difficult and perhaps impossible” to judge if a still image is legal or illegal
-questions the effect of viewing such images on staff

2 June 2009:
Law Society of Scotland
-Generally in favor of the law
-Questions if “works of art” which may be “either obscene, pornographic or exteme” would be included.

Scottish Government
-”[T]here have been concerns expressed that these provisions on extreme pornography represent a disproportionate interference in individuals human rights. We disagree….”
-Voices concerns over the “victims” in the images
-”No way of telling if a crime had been committed”, “participants… may have been the victims”
-Does not address consensual images
-The more realistic the image, the more it “normalises” sexual violence.

9 June 2009:
James Chalmers
-As the current bill stands, the bill covers paintings and drawings, but should be limited to photographs and pseudo-photographs to match the child pornography laws and protect art

16 June 2009:
ACPOS (as above)

New News from Scottish Parliament:

A petition regarding the display of sexually graphic newspapers and magazines is being considered! Evidence is being gathered from various sources.

Our friend Gery McLaughlin (who CAAN met earlier this year):
“If any magazines or newspapers being publicly displayed are considered by members of the public to be obscene then this should be reported to the police for investigation. It is ultimately for the police and the procurators fiscal to decide what action should be taken in individual cases.”
Great, so the SWAP will be reporting all “obscene” magazines, like (as the petition says) “The Sun, The Daily Star and The Daily Sport newspapers and magazines such as ‘Loaded’, ‘Zoo’ and ‘FHM’.” The also seem to feel that, in addition to bondage and domination, “lesbian activity (“girl-on-girl action”)” is obscene enough to warrent the attention of the Scottish Government.

The Scottish Government has seemed reluctant to pursue this petition, but the SWAP are quite tenacious, and research is now being conducted.

Scottish Petition Blog:
Petition PE1169:

Please send letters commenting on this petition to:
Fergus D. Cochrane
Public Petitions Committee
The Scottish Parliament
EH99 1SP

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