Meeting With Scottish Libertarians

Representatives from CAAN met with members of the Scottish Libertarian Party and were pleased to find that they too feel that the government should stay out of people’s bedrooms. As the UK Libertarian  Party webpage states:

“Libertarians believe that everyone has the right to ownership of their own bodies, thoughts and beliefs, and honestly acquired property, be those goods, land, or money. Owning these aspects of yourself means that you should be free to do with them what you choose. Libertarians believe that coercive actions by individuals, or groups of individuals—for example, the State—against others can never be justified. Such actions can rightly be seen as acts of aggression, and are simply an inappropriate way of behaving towards other people.”

The laws that CAAN is opposing in Scotland — the extreme pornography (Section 34), the control of lap dancing (Amendment 516) and the recently rejected amendments relating to prostitution – are against the Libertarian values and are seen as acts of aggression from the state. If you would like to learn more about the Scottish Libertarian Party, please visit

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