Statement from the Scottish Conservatives

After writing to the Scottish Conservatives for a statement on their policy towards sexual freedoms (including prostitution, pornography, swinging and lap dancing), they respond:

Dear Ms Dwyer

 The Scottish Conservatives believe that a balance needs to be struck between the freedom of expression and the protection of the public.  Individuals should have the freedom to choose but this shouldn’t be at the harm or exploitation of someone else.

 We believe there is a very clear distinction between some of the issues you raised such as extreme pornography, prostitution and lap dancing.

 The Scottish Conservative Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Justice, John Lamont, spoke out against recent attempts to create further regulate the premises providing adult entertainment over concerns it would create dual licensing.  He also said

“I am a great advocate of freedom of choice.

To ensure the safety of those who choose to work in such an environment, and to avoid exploitation, I believe that rigorous enforcement of the licensing regime, regular police visits and internal self-policing are required”

In regards to extreme pornography which is reserved to the UK Parliament.   The Government believes extreme pornography does not have a place in the UK and recognises the internet service providers (ISPs) in the UKact responsibly where individual sites are identified and take down illegal content.

 Thank you for taking the time to contact the Scottish Conservatives.

 Yours sincerely

 Erin Boyle
Scottish Conservative Researcher
Scottish Conservative Central Office

So essentially, no, their policy does not support sexual freedoms.

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