Aberdeen Strip Club Application Refused

Shooters, a snooker hall in Aberdeen applied for a change in its license to allow stripping in a separate part of its establishment. After fifteen letters of objection were sent it – including at least two from other strip establishments! – the city council rejected the application “considering the effect of the amenity on the local children at schools, churches and youth groups.”

The objections from the competition – other strip clubs – included worry that it would reflect ill upon the good name of their own establishments which were nearby. Are snooker hall clientele so rowdy that they would cause disrepute upon other establishments? Or is this just a shrewd business deal? “No, let’s not have more competition on the market of strip clubs and allow us to have a monopoly on the post-snooker market!”

But in the end, the council decided on the age old “for the sake of the children” argument. If it’s next door to another strip club, you can hardly claim that it would be more damaging to the children!

You can read about the little-reported news item here and here.

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