New regulations on online porn – The Audiovisual Media Services Regulations 2014

On 1 December 2014, new regulations governing the content of commercial video on demand in the UK passed into law, with no parliamentary debate and no consultation beyond the usual suspects – those, such as the British Board of Film Censorship and ATVOD, who have already made clear their very narrow views of what is sexually permissible on the small screen.

In respect of this legislation, that means a full frontal attack on the sexuality of women and minority groups.

By way of response:

- Lib Dem MP, Julian Huppert has proposed a motion, to be debated on 12 December calling for these regulations to be scrapped;

- A protest, organised by Sex Worker of the Year 2013, Charlotte Rose, will be taking place outside parliament at 12 noon on the same day

If you would like to come to this event, details of where to meet and who else is going can be obtained from a Facebook page set up by Charlotte.

CAAN is officially supporting this demo, so look forward to seeing you there.

Things to do

If you cannot make the demo, but would like your voice to be heard:

- Write to your MP, expressing your disgust at these regulations

- Write to key individuals in the bodies most closely associated with arguing for the new regulations:

o Murray Perkins, Senior Examiner, BBFC

o Peter Johnson, Chief Executive, ATVOD

Further information

Further information on the new Audiovisual Media Service Regulations 2014 can be found in the following articles:

- The following content is not acceptable, by Myles Jackman (aka Obscenity Lawyer)

- Far more dangerous: analysis of the shift in obscenity law from banning that which is obscene to that which breaches bureaucratic rules, by Jane Fae, in the Erotic Review

- The regulation of pornography on video-on-demand in the United Kingdom: detailed analysis of the steps leading to the new regulations by Professor Julian Petley

- The UK’s sexist new pornography restrictions aren’t just an act of state censorship, but could be the first step towards something even worse, by Myles Jackman in the Independent

- The truth about the porn law changes: justification of the new regulations, by Murray Perkins, Senior Examiner, BBFC

- Carry on Censor: response to BBFC justification of new regs, by Jane Fae

- International Outcry against UK online porn regulations: a round-up of recent news on this issue from Pandora Blake

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