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R.I.P. Margo MacDonald MSP

Margo MacDonald MSP passed away on 4th April 2014. An independent MSP, she was truly a voice of reason in an increasingly right-thinking age. She was one of the few sex-positive politicians, and not shy about it either. Margo MacDonald … Continue reading

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Two great pro-sex work blogs

Two fantastic comments relevant to prostitution in Scotland coming at it from a very positive standpoint. Read these, because they have good stuff inside. And as a reminder, the Consultation on the Criminalisation of the Purchase of Sex (Scotland) closes … Continue reading

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Two New Consultations on Banning Prostitution Open

Not one, but two consultations advocating “the Swedish solution” to make criminal the purchase of sexual services have been announced in Northern Ireland and Scotland. The first, in Northern Ireland, is part of the Human Trafficking & Exploitation (Further Provisions … Continue reading

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Anti-Prostitution Campaigner to Challenge Saunas in Edinburgh

You remember back in April the minor uproar caused by someone asking why Edinburgh City Council condones prostitution in saunas? Well, the fellow has made the papers again. City faces legal challenge over ‘brothel’ policy (Scotsman 21 July 2012) THE … Continue reading

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Anti-Prostitution Rushjob Rejected by Scottish Parliament

The attacks on prostitution in Scotland keep coming, and the Scottish Parliament keeps fighting them off. MSP Rhoda Grant’s proposed Member Bill criminalising the purchase of sex was rejected by the Scottish Parliament, it was announced today. It was during … Continue reading

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