Statement of Principle

In the current climate your sexual freedom is under attack as never before.  Successive pieces of Government legislation have succeeded in criminalising the normal sexual activity of hundreds of thousands of adult citizens based on flimsy evidence and a general feeling of distaste.

These laws, both those which have been passed and those that have been proposed, put thousands at risk of having careers and lives ruined simply because their sexuality does not fit what seems to be the Government’s view of what is right and proper.

We believe that consenting activities between adults are just that, and that it is not the business of the state to legislate on grounds of taste.   The freedom to express oneself sexually without fear of prejudice is a basic civil liberty that it seems we must fight to retain.

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“We believe in the right of consenting adults to make their own sexual choices, in respect of what they do, see and enjoy alone or with other consenting adults, unhindered and unfettered by government.”

“We believe that it is not the business of government to intrude into the sex lives of consenting adults.”

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