Peter Tatchell

Peter Tatchell is a Human Rights campaigner and member of Outrage.

Peter Tatchell says:

“The government has gone way beyond a legitimate desire to stop sexual exploitation. It is now legislating in ways that violate the sexual human rights of its citizens”.

“The current bill outlawing so-called extreme pornography will criminalise images of sexual acts that are perfectly lawful”.

“There is no evidence that Harriet Harman’s proposed outlawing of soliciting for sex will help rescue the victims of sex trafficking and enslavement. It will merely drive sexual abuse and exploitation further underground, making it even harder to regulate and police”.

“The Sexual Offences Act 2003 was a monstrous attack on the human rights of young people. For the first time in British law, sexual behaviour involving two people under the age of consent and of similar ages was explicitly criminalised”.

“This legislation does not protect young people; it persecutes them. It is a form of state-sanctioned child abuse”.

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